Natural care for your skin is so important. There are chemicals in everything these days, from the food we eat, to the air we breathe. Creating your own homemade skin care products is a simply way that you can reduce your exposure to them, and its fairly simple to do.

Natural Skin Care Tips:

• Make it a habit of reading product labels of any cosmetic product you use. You should know what all it contains and how is that good for your skin.

• Remember the tag ‘natural’ doesn’t mean that it’s always natural. The dictionary meaning is “Existing in or formed by nature” whereas according to cosmetic manufacturers it’s “Any ingredient derived from natural substance.” For example, a phrase such as this will be mentioned on a cosmetic product, “Cocamide-DEA is derived from coconut oil” but, what isn’t mentioned is the fact that a synthetic substance called diethanolamine is used in the extraction process which is known to cause cancer.

• Like the definition of the term natural, organic has a definition too, that doesn’t actually mean what you think. Look for certified logos that guarantee products wholeness. These products should contain 95% organic ingredients excluding salt and water. Anything that contains carbon is organic. Hence, petrol is organic too. Methylparaben, derived from petrochemicals, is often used as a preservative ion organic skin care products. Now, what is worth considering is the fact that a recent study found traces of methylparaben in breast cancer tumors.more...