Young women are seeing a rise in skin cancer. According to a news release from the Society for Women’s Health Research, the CDC says, “The diagnosis of all types of skin cancer has increased and melanoma has become the most common cancer among young women aged 25-29.”

Yesterday I had a check-up and my doctor is referring me to dermatology for a slightly suspicious mole. Like most middle-aged women, I grew up in the 70’s when we all tried to be tan like Farrah Fawcett. I switched to high UPF sunscreen by the time I became a fitness walker at age 24 and stopped attempting to tan. I get enough of a glow even with the sunscreen due to hours a week of outdoors walking.

The report says that using tanning beds may be the high risk factor among young women today. They carry the same skin-aging and skin cancer risk as natural sunlight.more…

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