Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer. It starts in the melanocytes. Here certain cancer cells appear in skin cells. This is known as melanocytes. To start with it might just be a small mole. It may also occur in the eye and intestine or any other part of the body. The symptoms of melanoma are that the color of the mole would change, it might bleed, it might not have regular border, it might be scratching, etc.

It is best to get melanoma treatment in the beginning of the disease itself. There are various methods to treat melanoma. The methods are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care. A good way for melanoma treatment is surgery. Here the tumor is removed and so also is a tiny region from the skin which is normal. In the beginning stage just a biopsy can cure melanoma. After a surgery a skin grafting is done if necessary to cover the wounded part of the skin. After this melanoma treatment painkillers would be given in order to reduce the pain. It will take some time for the wound to cure and the skin grafting to look normal as any other part of the skin.

Radiotherapy is also a fine method of melanoma treatment. Here x-rays are used in order to destroy cells that cause cancer. This method is opted when the cancer is in the inner portion of the body. This is a long melanoma treatment might stretch up to many weeks. After radiotherapy the patient might have nausea or headaches or even redness in the skin. There might be a burning sensation a good cream that is recommended by the doctor can be used for this.

Melanoma treatment can also be done by chemotherapy. Here certain anti-cancer drugs are given in order to reduce the growth of the cancer cells. These drugs at times can even cure melanoma. This method is also opted when the cancer is found in an organ within the body. This method of melanoma treatment would take around six to twelve months. The effects of this treatment may be vomiting, tiredness, depression, loss of hair etc.

Palliative care can also be used to cure melanoma. This is done when there is no cure and the cancer has increased. Here all that can be done is to reduce the pain caused by cancer. The doctor normally prescribes drugs that can help to reduce the pain. This should be done for all cancer patients. Melanoma treatment is best when done early.